The administrator can edit the event content via the Web Control Panel.
It's a dedicated application only for your event
It is a "stand-alone app", a native application, dedicated to your event.
This app will be available on App store you choose, and will be identifiable with a custom icon event.
Conferences, business meetings, concerts and so on
With Letsplaza you can create any type of event, ranging from recreational to professional.
The administrator can decide whether to make available the event app to anyone (any person accessing to the App can see the event and confirm his participation) or by invitation (the event App isn't viewable by all, but only the people invited that received User ID and Password to access).
Speaker at a conference, guests, etc ..
For protagonists we mean all those people who have an active role to the interior of the event.
For example, in a company conference, the protagonists may be the speakers. You can add multiple contents for them, for example the biography and all contacts, social or not.
Easy! Contact us to get all the necessary information
Inside your event App
If the event is sponsored, you can insert a dedicated page to your sponsors with links to the official website of the sponsor.
Through Push Notifications and Twitter
The administrator of the event App can give more information or just keep up to date participants of any significant change in its content, when he want and in real time thanks to Push Notifications and Twitter integrated.
Content Management System
The CMS is the tool made available for the administrator of the event App whose job is to facilitate content management, freeing the administrator, who creates the event, from knowing technical programming.
Through Twitter and Facebook
Inside the application is available a social function that allows the communication of all participants of the event using Twitter.
This is possible through an "hashtag" pre-set that allows you to view all posts related to the event.
A special form also allows you to post your message directly from your device.
Under Facebook section you can view the Facebook event (if it's been created previously on the social network).
If you want to add other way to communication, we recommend you to contact us.
Of course! All contents will be available
The organizer and the participants of the event can interact with each other even after the event is finish. You can receive push notification on your devices.